Unless you’ve been roughing it in the New Jersey Pine Barrens for the past 24 hours, you’ve no doubt heard about this Obi-Wan thing. It’s been reported that Disney and Lucasfilm are in the planning stages of a spin-off movie centered around fan favorite Obi-Wan Kenobi. What does this mean for the franchise, and better […]

On February 13th 2009, a documentary aired on ABC called “Hidden America: Children of the Mountains”. It was a feature that was at once harrowing and fascinating. In it Diane Sawyer shines a light on the existence of a people seemingly left behind by the rest of America- the impoverished communities of Central Appalachia. I […]

This week’s Game of Thrones episode was packed to bursting with talking points, so I figured I would try a different format with this post in the shape of a Q & A. Let me know in the comments if you prefer this to my usual essay-based approach. Since there is so much to cover, […]

When I arrived in Houston in June of 2016, my roommate Anne-Marie said to me “You could come back for the next ten summers and still not see all the restaurants worth seeing”. For those that don’t know, Houston is huge. It’s the fourth biggest city in the USA and it has a massive dining […]

I was late in watching this week’s Game of Thrones– or rather, everyone else was early. “The Spoils of War”, the fourth and latest episode in the series’ penultimate season, was leaked a couple days prior to airing by HBO’s network partner Star India. Fortunately, I didn’t encounter any spoilers, but I did see reactions […]

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was the reason I got an Xbox 360. It was a game that I heard about completely through word of mouth; right up until the day I got it, I had not watched any footage or seen any screenshots. It was October 29th, 2006, and my 14th birthday. I had […]

I wrote a post last weekend about how my roommate Anne-Marie and I finally got around to making Lauren Gleisberg’s Strawberry Ginger Lemonade. It felt great to tick it off our summer’s bucket list and it was a ton of fun. Today we crossed off the other big item on our culinary bucket list: Grandma […]