A week later and my bookcase is starting to take its new shape. The back rows are filled with old, second-hand tomes on the “Social Contract” and “Marxism After Marx”. The back row is two rows high; its upper layer filling out the entire height of the shelf with horizontal stacks of Japanese verse and […]

What I straight-facedly refer to as the organized mess of my room has reached its zenith. There are so many stacks of books on the floor I can no longer reach my closet. As I stated in The Books Of My Childhood post, I’m completely reorganizing my bookshelves at the moment. But the real reason I’m […]

Today I let my legs do my thinking for me. I had a lot to work out on this morning’s walk and I wondered if my route was going to be long enough. Walking helps to clear my head but it’s only really the beginning of the day’s therapy; at some point you have to […]

At the moment I’m in the middle of reorganizing my bookshelves. I’ve got too many books and too little space, as evidenced by the tall stacks that have formed across my bedroom floor. My main bookshelf is two rows deep, and for the first time in a decade I’ve been able to get my hands […]

The Star Wars franchise is nothing if not formulaic. I’m pretty sure there’s a guy at Disney with a clipboard that reviews the scripts and ticks off the necessary items. “Lightsaber duel- check. Bad guy says “It’s your destiny” at some point- check. Cute things make whacky noises- check. Spicy undercurrent of incest- check…” And […]

I’ve always been a troubled sleeper. For the first few years of my life I never slept through the night. I was a crying, difficult baby. And throughout my childhood and early teens I was tormented with sleepless nights and bad dreams. I was convinced that something awful would happen. When I was asleep I […]

What a pleasure it is to actually justify bringing home books by the sleigh-load! There have been far too many times down the years where I’ve bought a bunch of books only to have them collect dust on my shelves. Not only was I aware that I was wasting money, but I felt like a […]