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In part one I discussed how, in American households, there is a much greater tendency to arrange a meal into bowls and trays, and have the family serve themselves. This of course results in a lot of leftovers. And no treatise on American eating would be complete without discussing leftovers. It’s such a big part of […]

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears face off against each other tonight at Lambeau Field. What’s significant about this game is that the Packers have the chance to take the lead in the series for the first time since Clarke Hinkle was handing out concussion sandwiches in the […]

I’ve written about my favorite restaurants in Houston and how they made my time there special, but what really made my summer this year were the meals my roommates and I cooked together in our apartment. What’s that saying? Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Perhaps it’s this, and not our experiences dining out, that have changed my […]

The NFL season is underway, the Premier League is in full swing over in Yurrup, and on Tuesday we’re getting the start of the MLB playoffs- but all I can think about at the moment is basketball. Everything else seems to be business as usual so far. What’s driving me nuts about hoops at the […]

For this post I’d like to bring to your attention the most ambitious upcoming games you haven’t heard about. These are just a few games I’m real excited for, that I think deserve a bigger slice of the proverbial cheesecake that is the conversation of the gaming community. There are just two rules I’m applying […]

Since I started this memoir series way back in June, I’ve only really covered the social aspects of my student exchange. Today I’d like to discuss the academic differences between studying in the USA and the UK, of which there are many. It’s super-interesting and I’ve been meaning to do a post on this for a […]