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I enjoyed “The Queen’s Justice” a lot more than I did “Stormborn”, which felt was slow and a little sloppy. Last night’s episode was noticeably better for the following reasons- the dialogue was sharper and the plot was not only more engaging, but seemed to be building towards a more dramatic end to the episode. […]

It’s the last week of July and the height of summer here in Houston. For the majority of the last month we’ve experienced the loudest and most apocalyptic thunderstorms you can imagine on a daily basis. Most of the time they last little over an hour, but during that hour it would rain so violently […]

Today I’m going to be writing about one of my greatest passions and that’s the cuisine of the US state of Wisconsin. Before I unveil the top 5 delicacies that I have experienced, I want to write a little bit about what Wisconsinite cuisine is and what makes it so special. To understand the culinary […]

Overall, I found last night’s episode somewhat underwhelming. I think my main issue with “Stormborn” has to do with its pacing. In my Dragonstone review I wrote that I expected the season to be quite fast-paced, given that the end of the show is drawing near and there is still so much to cover. It’s clearly […]

I had to double-check the definition of “formative-years” in preparation for this post. It turned out that it means exactly what I hoped it would, and exactly what it sounds like. Typically your formative years are the years that have a strong influence on who you are throughout your life. The years in which you […]

In my Making Friends in the USA post, I wrote about my state of mind when approaching social situations on campus. I was haunted by some bad experiences in the UK. Failure at my new college seemed predestined too. And yet, somehow, I found myself with some truly amazing friends in less than two weeks of […]

For today’s post, I’ve decided to create a list of 10 new experiences that I have enjoyed in my five visits here. Readers of TumbleweedWrites will know from my series of personal essays that in 2012 I studied at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire as an exchange student from The University of Winchester in […]